Vulpes-Lupus Productions
What can I say? We're a crazy bunch with too much time on our paws!
Our college offers an annual Make-A-Movie Contest where we get the digital camera for a while and use of editing equipment...they cut us loose!
You may recall last year's project: "Science Gone Mad!" Information on that project, as well as a link to the downloadable movie <and bloopers reel> make their home below! Keep reading! ^.^
This year, a slightly different team Vulpes-Lupus took use of my puppets. From there it just grew sillyer! Due to differing ideas for movies we split up this year into two teams--Amara and Andy did a stop motion film, with the aid of another friend, which required a lot of time and dedication. We wish them luck!
Our project left my dorm room drapped in dark-colored sheets and spot lighted to the point of raising the temperature to uncomfortable. It left some of us wondering how Henson ever pulled off his own projects.
Journey forth and see what became of the antics of half the original crew!

Flights of Fancy:An Educational Film On Using Your Imagination
The world would be awfully boring without our imaginations! In a black and white film framed after those sappy 50's hygiene films, the Vulpes-Lupus Production crew takes a journey through their favorite world to live in--the land of make-believe!
Fun Production Quotes
"Hrm...I wonder if Jim Henson went through this?"

"Loosing blood flow to hand...blood flowing to head."

"I learned today that I'm a contortionist!"

"'s such a cool word, it has 2 Ls. Llama."

"You're invading my personal bubble!"
"Back here there are no personal bubbles."

"Rusty's my 'special' friend!"
"Oh dear...CUT!"

" hand doesn't turn that way at this angle."
The Cast and Crew
Jennie Silvernail--Rusty, 
Wyvern <pictured by Lisa>, Props, Set Design, Script, Assistant Director
Jen Reger--Minnie
Ben Lien--Gryf, Owl <pictured by Jen>
Amanda Devine--Una
Lisa Gilbert--Director, Camera, Lighting, Editing, Make-up
Production Pics
Full Cast
 Minnie and her Owl friend pose for a shot of overdone cuteness--exactly what we're looking for!
 The puppet stars of the show!
 Rusty and her Puppeteer pose for the camera
Una studies her puppeteer's smile intently 
 Our wonderful director comes before the camera lense!
 Gryf glares at the camera beside his puppeteer
 No film is complete without Matt--the Cue card boy!
 Can you believe this WAS my dorm room? I can't and I set it up!
 Look what I caught, Ma!
We used a fishing rod to fly the wyvern
 Catching the clouds...I was not expecting this shot, evidence in the off smile
 Flying Fox!
We got bored waiting to shoot
I can't keep my paws on the ground
 The Wyvern, Gryf, and Rusty
 Ben's patented owl flying method...flippy flippy flap
 Una and the Owl
 The assistant director rampages the set! Ahhhh!
Wait...when did this turn into Godzilla?
  Click here to download the movie.
WARNING: the file is large and takes a while to download, also it seems to prefer Netscape. 

Science Gone Mad!
Last year the was the first year our college offer the Make-A-Movie competition. We all jumped at the chance to mess with our Hollywood daydreams! Thus, in a matter of a week or so the original team of Vulpes-Lupus Productions was formed. It consisted of Andy Vercnocke, Amara Whittle, Ben Lien, and Jennie Silvernail. The name originates from the primary characters Andy and I use in our comics--Vuples-Rusty the red fox, and Lupus-Basko Wolf. The movies concept came to us by way of Andy who wanted to do a B-movie involving clones. The idea stuck, and never wavered! I, for one, am glad it didn't! On a cold evening we borrowed the camera and took over Pastuer Hall, where the entirity of the 10 minute movie was filmed. Oddly enough, on of the hallways and classrooms we filmed in no longer exists, it was pulled down  At the competition we took second in Best Storyline...which is a bit ironic with a B-movie plot...oh well. :) The key is, we had fun! I don't have production stills for this one as we didn't use Ben's digital camera to capture the moments. ;/ I'll try to find something though!
Cast and Crew
Andy Vercnocke
Original Concept, Director, Screenwriter, Camera, Editor
Roles:Frank Pibb, Clones
Jennie Silvernail
Assitant Director, Screenwriter, Camera 
Roles: Dr. Allele, Dr. Phlemingcoff, clone double
Amara Whittle
Screenwriter, Camera, Trantula Wrangler, Clone Make-up
Roles: Dr. Weaver, Dr. Proctor,clone double
Ben Lien
Roles: George, Dr. Shockter, Dr. Pepper, Second Tallest Man, clone double
Kyle Mullin
Roles: Himself, clone double, Stunt Double
Now enjoy the show!
Click here to download the movie
WARNING: the file is large and takes a while to download, also it seems to prefer Netscape. 
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