Lab Coat Syndrome
Life doesn't end after college! Thus Rusty's life continues on, with or without her! The spunky fox that many have grown attached to, including her future husband Bastion, during her college years is striving to make it in the <gasp> Dare I say it! REAL WORLD!
First, she has to get hired...which is proving much more difficult than those job recruiters told her it would be! "4 year Biology majors walk right into jobs now a-days!" Yeah right!

Sincere Apologies:
My RL life is in transition right now
Thus I've been having some major problems with free time, i.e.--comic time. I intend to get to the comics as I much as I can...but right now SOMETHING has to give. I'm sorry to say Lab Coat Syndrome will be placed on the back burner for now. Keep checking back...I'll do what I can!

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