Hand-finished Gallery:
Below you will find a selection of works in Prismacolor Marker. Most recent are found towards the top.
Click on the image for a larger version.

"The Dig Crew"
"Young Rose"
"Tavern Maid Rose"
"Crude Disguise"
"Bosun's Watch"
"Sir Bastian"
"Lannier Meddlicot"
"Captain Draco"
"Conchobarre of the Birach-derc"
"Time Cannot Erase"
"Cap'n Seahawk"
"Cap'n Ulysses Kullery"
"Don Qui-lypso"
"Seahawk, Distant Memories"
"Fox Knight"
"Fox Warrior Maiden"
"Youthful Mirage"
"Keys to Imagination"
"Celtic Dragon Bard"