Wizzes at Work!
It's not alway a piece of cake running a muck. As the Flipside wiz Don Qui-lypso I've had a taste of the ups and downs--but when Tursi came up with a brilliant idea to reprogram the muck I began to co-face the toughest challenge I believe I've seen sense I first got a computer. :) This page is dedicated to the immortalization of some of the things we were forced to tackle on our road to making a whole new Flipeside world. I think I'll have a lot of fuel. :)

"Wizzes At Work"
Who says wizzes can't have a bit of fun? On Flipside some of the wizzes have undertaken an enormous challenge--ReConstructing the muck in a surprisingly different format! Tursi, the Head Wiz and Programmer; Don Qui-lypso, El Dogrado Wiz and 3D renderer; Nefertari, Realms Wiz and Landscaper; and Sithean, Tir Wiz and View Checker have teamed up to tackle this project head on! Stay TOONED!

"Scaleing Mountains"
So not everything goes entirely as planned... Don and Tursi tackle the problems of program fusing durring a remodeling process. Though this particular problem isn't real <yet>, we HAVE had problems with camera placement. :) Just goes to show anything worth doing is typically complicated. :)

"DQ's Day On"
It's winter break, DQ is kicked back at her computer, it's 3 in the afternoon--and she's still in her pj's working on Muck stuff since 11am! No, this is not typical, but on Jan. 4, 2002 it really happened. It's one of the last days DQ can dedicate a day to doing whatever in whatever before going back to school. Yes, I really do have those flannel sleep pants and I happen to like them! :)