A Sense Of Dormalcy
Starring Rusty
Ok, ok... it's 'oblivious' that I'm in college and forced to live in a... dare I say it, Dorm! It didn't take long for the humor of this whole experience to sink in. Thus, I decided to archive this comical stepping stone of life in it's truest form, the comic. Rusty is loosely based upon myself and as you read through her exploits you may get a taste of what it's like to live in the best Dorm on the Winona Campus, Lourdes Hall! She is a Biology in Allied Health major (now in her senior year) with dreams of becoming a world-class Research Technician.
Strips added weekly! ...or several a week when I'm bored out of my mind and given loads of material that I can't pass up by people around me...which is quite often.
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Rusty has graduated...thus THIS strip is finished. But the strip shall remain up for posterity! Check through the archives to read about her college years. And when you're through...see what follows!
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