In every dog there lies a hidden persona...
There is a hidden world that dog owners do not know or percieve. Where our beloved four pawed friends travel when their paws are a twitter and twitching... have you ever wondered what they are dreaming about? We can only guess what vast world they are exploring. This webpage is dedicated the artwork of the Conquistodogs a grand world the likes of which we two-leggers can only imagine!


Don Qui-lypso

In real life she was my beloved Shetland Sheepdog, Calypso. A loyal and dutiful companion who loved to chase trees on walks. Her antics reminded me very much of Don Quixote with his windmills and the story began. Her real life adventure ended in spring of 2008 when she passed on from kidney failure. She may be gone, but her adventures are only beginning...

Sancho Fizzgig
A Pomeranian with all the grit and guts, Fizzgig does not know his own size is quite small. Doesn't bother him one bit. Sancho Fizzgig is Don Qui-lypso's companion in exploration. Ready to take on the world and more he is loyal and dedicated to her. He hopes one day to become more than just a sword carrier. He is based on my mpther's real life Pom, Fizzgig.

Parcquer De Leon
A great explorer of the world, Parcquer's curiosity knows no bounds. He has a lust for life and many other things for that matter. This grand Conquistodog is searching for the fountain of eternal love... or is that life? Well, this Rough Collie does get a bit confused every so often. He is based on Parker, a retired show Collie who lives with me.

Ion De Leon

Parcquer is not alone in his wanderings, his young adventurous nephew Ion De Leon also accompanies him. The little explorer in training is all out for having a grand time. Knowing not a lick of fear, Ion's enthusiasm is a recipe for trouble... of the amusing kind! Yes, in reality Ion is truely Parker's nephew as in the photo above.


Ash's portrait portrays him as the Meso-American ball warrior. My real life devoted Border Collie is obsessed with the game of fetch. He's a nut overflowing with charm, whit, and character. A real charmer. His alter ego is based on the Meso-American ball players of old, an El Dogrado ball court warrior and guardian. Let no one stand between him and his goal...


Tali makes the perfect shaman in training. Another Pomeranian who is unaware of her size, this El Dogradian imp wants to take on the whole of the new world! Where her little paws tread trouble is SURE to follow!! She is based on my mother's real life Pom, Taliesin.


Mya cuts a more peaceful pose. A Brittany with a tude, she's a kind soul if a bit excitable. In El Dogrado she is a shaman. She's my husband's real life Brittany.

Stay tuned for more artwork on this ongoing project!

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