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Newest towards the top... the works at the bottom are older works while I was mastering my mousing skills. :) ... and now add tableting skills. :) The work here is the REALLY old stuff from the very beginning!
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I finally got time to try out 2 new things! A new tablet--thank you, Mohatu! And a new technique I spied on a webpage. Wow! I was able to do something that was never possible for me before--color a fully inked portrait! The original resides here, I used that exact scan, no foolin'! Wondering how I did it? Ask me, I like to share new ideas. :)

"Drum the Night Away!"
Well... who wouldn't want to after they had the remarkable chance to play the bodhran on stage with their mentor! Featured in this pic, respectively, is myself, Steve Wehmeyer of Gaelic Storm, and my brother.
Cannot thank you enough, Steve! That weekend ROCKED!

She's a cute little bundle of trouble! Definitely not one to be triffled with. Then again, who would mess with an explosives expert. I wouldn't!

An experiment in lighting and color saturation. This is one of my recent fav's.

It's a characature of my brother. Probably safest not to ask. :)

"Friend's Never Say Goodbye..."
...they just fade away out of our lives.

There goes the team!! Where's the musher?
Oh, there he is waaaaaaayyyyy back there in the snow drifts.

"CB Steele's Trail Breakers"
CB Steele would be my brother, and this is a little surprise I did for him one night.
He nearly feel out of his chair when it popped up on his screen.

Ever have one of those dreams where an old character suddenly morphs into a creature you've never seen before in your life? Yeah, pretty neat, huh. :)

Not just a wolf anymore!

Basically, this a computer rendered Trubador.
I LOVE the lighting effects.

I get bored easily in classes, so I doodle.
Coper' came from my notebooks, I decided to name him and make him a char.

"Bochuin Returns"
Boy, hope he doesn't eat huamns! He's more intimidating in color then in pencil by a long shot.

"Spirit of the Outback"
The peek of my earlier attempts to get a convincing pic.
He's actually fuzzy looking.

"Celtic Corona"
One Doggie, Two Doggie, Red Doggie, Blue Doggie...

"Where the Black Waters Roll..."
An experiment in texture... I'll get a ship under his paws when I get around to it. :)

"Can I ,Momma? Pwease??"
Nothing quite so adorable as a feathery little beggar.

"Dew's Rainshower"
Isn't the imagination fun? Only there can mice have dragonfly wings and mushrooms exist in primary colors.

"Kat's Watch"
Nice mood piece, though it's lacking details.

"The Doinionn Collection"
I think I got the hang of it by the third attempt. :)

What can possibly be cuter then a nest full of griflets?
Maybe two... I'll have to try that nexttime.

"Nathan the Magus"
Doesn't my boyfriend make a cute tiger?

Remember Ash? This was one of her first portraits.

"Midnight Run"
Sure, they aren't very big in a picture like this.
But come upon a Horiquine in real life and you'll be road pizza!

In the dark her green eye just glows!! That's an eery sight.

"Nightbird: True Heros Are Not Born, They Are Forged!"
A primary identity of mine. I wish I had that sword!

"Kat's Ghost"
Ok, not one of my better ones, let's just say I learned. :)

"The Highwayman"
errr... wolf.

Well, he's undergone an identity change since I did this one... now he's Reultan.
But who's counting? :)

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