El Dogrado 
Welcomes you!
Hello traveler!
Welcome to the home of
the mis-adventures of the Conquistodogs,
Don Qui-lypso and Sancho Fizzgig.
What on earth is all of this about?
And what in heaven's name is El Dogrado??
Well... you better sit down! This may take a while!
Don Qui-lypso
In the real world she is known as Calypso, a middle aged Shetland sheepdog. But who knows what dogs think about all day long... perhaps this isn't as far from the truth as one might think. In Calypso's tiny mind she is Don Qui-lypso, grand protector and guardian of the household and those in it. In the wild's of Minnesota she protects her owners throughout the day from the vast dangers that our world provides; trees, household plants, flies, and those oh so deadly baths! Her vigilant eyes catch danger everywhich way, and she is certain to take care of it, least it cause harm to her loved ones. At night, in her dream world Don Qui-lypso travels to the land of El Dogrado in search of glory, and the perfect dog treat.
Sancho Fizzgig
A seven pound Pomeranian, he is known only by his last name to his owners. Fizzgig does well to be sure all are aware of everything that even stirs outside of the house! His mighty bark always catches the attention of Calypso, warning her of the dangers. By night he accompanies Don Qui-lypso to El Dogrado as her capable assistant in vanquishing all leaves, twigs, plants, and any other other obstacle that blocks their path.
El Dogrado
A place of wonder and mystery that few humans know of! It is the city of the dogs. Here they do not walk on all fours, but go about their business as humans would on two legs. Most of the time the dog inhabitants engage in trade, but ocassionally a circumstance arises where something is lost, misplaced, or stolen. The cities best adventure/treasure hunters are the Conquistodogs, always willing to see what's around the next bend!
But, are you....?

The Mis-adventures of the
The Treacherous Tree
Don Qui-lypso seems to be attacking the wind mill in it's most primative form.She's barking up the wrong tree, as usual. Though, Sancho Fizzgig doesn't seem to have a better idea... probably best to just leave that thing alone.

The Horrid Fly Monster
Sancho Fizzgig's got the upper paw on this one! Don Qui-lypso has to bear the scars from this ordeal. It does help if you figure out the EXACT location of your target before you stike... especailly if you're striking repeatedly.

The Mighty Blizzard Wizzer!
Poor Sancho Fizzgig! Those tiny legs just don't do him justice in the middle of winter. His newest nickname is Frostypaws.

Who are they really? You don't believe me??
Yes, I have WAY too much time on my paws... err hands.
I wasn't lying, they really are Calypso and Fizzgig. But what I didn't tell you is that they are the dogs in my household. The pictures placed up here are a twist on the mis-adventures of two real life dogs and there is some truth to them. Yes, my dog Calypso does attack trees, don't ask me why, she is very confused. And Fizzgig does bark at leaves. I know Don is Sir in Spanish, but it just seems to solidify the whole confusion thing. Calypso is not a very bright dog, she gives me LOTS of material to play with!
So, stop back often and check out the new
Mis-adventures of the Conquistodogs!

The End
... for now. :)
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