Welcome to the design gallery for Chenille Critters!
Here you will find a convenient array of pictures displaying these adorable made-to-order creations. With breeds such as Collies and Border Collies the markings and coat colors vary greatly making it nearly impossible for owners to find an object that represents their beloved pet. This is where handcrafted works have their niche! Each critter is custom made poseable soft sculpture from chenille stems and the markings can be with the characteristics of your beloved companion. They make great home or office decor, gifts, or even memorials of a companion who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Once an order is started Foxy the artist remains in contact with you throughout the entire process. Photographs are sent for your approval prior to shipping so any adjustments can be made. To the right is a chart with the most common body colors and eyes. There are bright rainbow colors available, but they are not regularly stocked. To order you can go to http://www.facebook.com/FoxysArtBox
for the most interactive experience. Or you can email Foxy at nightbird@nightbirdgallery.com
Chenille Critters currently come in two fluffy sizes
due to the nature of the base material critters will always be fluffy!
Original size
Handful Editions
$25 for a single or $20 a piece if more than one requested at a time,
plus S&H.
$20 for a single or $15 a piece if more than one
requested at a time, plus S&H.

Chenille Critter Photo Gallery
Examples are mostly custom orders

All Chenille Critter creations are original productions of Foxy's Art Box handmade by Foxy
For more of Foxy's work visit her main gallery