About the Artist Foxy
Just a little info for those who are curious.
Greetings! Welcome to my little corner of the web. I am a self taught artist  of various mediums from the more traditional techniques of pencil, pen and ink, marker, colored pencil, and watercolor, finally to the more cutting edge technology of the computer generated image. I enjoy both readily! I'm such an avid explorer within the mediums, always looking to add a new twist to an old style.  When I was in high school my art teacher noted how often I drew one animal--the fox. Wasn't long before I started responding to the nickname-Foxy. The name simply became part of who I am.
I have always enjoyed drawing animals both anthropomorphic and realistic, and I have also always enjoyed creating stories about them. Perhaps some day I will become a published an author with my illustrations included. No one can say I am not a dreamer!
Foxy~ Aspiring Dreamweaver